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Title: Recap: Dr. Bobo Lo Lecture

Date Published: February 3, 2020

On January 13, 2020, Georgetown’s CERES and the Carnegie Corporation Russia Futures program hosted Dr. Bobo Lo for a lunchtime lecture titled “China, Russia and World Order.”

Dr. Lo’s remarks covered a wide range of aspects of China and Russia’s relationship, from potential areas of cooperation to main points of dissonance. Central to Dr. Lo’s lecture was the premise that rather than an alliance of ideological alignment, China and Russia’s partnership in certain areas is a bond forged out of strategic convenience and mutual benefits.

The event was attended by a wide range of distinguished guests from the DC area, as well as several current and former CERES students. Following his remarks, Dr. Lo responded to a series of questions posed by CERES Director Dr. Angela Stent and audience members.


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