CERES Director Angela Stent interviewed about 2012 Valdai conference on Slon.ru

Nataliya Rostova of Slon.ru interviewed CERES Director Angela Stent about her impression from the 2012 Valdai International Discussion Club Conference held in St. Petersburg and Moscow. 

The Valdai Discussion Club provides a global forum for the world’s leading and best-informed experts on Russia to engage in a sustained dialogue about the country’s political, economic, social and cultural development. Since 2004, the Club has gathered annually in Russia and has regularly met with the leadership of the Russian Federation, as well as Russian business leaders, media, academics, and political groups. The scope of the meetings has grown year by year, and participants now enjoy unprecedented access to Russia’s top politicians.

To read the interview (in Russian) click here

Dr. Stent will also be discussing her Valdai experience along with colleague Dr. Jeffrey Mankoff at Georgetown University on Wednesday, November 7th in the McGhee Library in the Intercultural Center. To attend the event, please RSVP here