Event Recap: Annual Nava'i Nalle Lecture

On February 8, Dr. Marlene Laruelle delivered the 2018 Annual Nava'i Nalle Lecture titled "Kazakhstan's Nationhood: Politics and Society on the Move."

Kazakhstan offers a multifaceted state narrative about the nation’s identity, with several competing repertoires: Kazakhness, Kazakhstaness, and a third one, advancing a transnational and modernizing brand for the country. Each of these three narratives target different audiences (the Kazakh-speaking, the Russian-speaking, and the international community) and intimately interconnect domestic and foreign policy strategies. Thirty years after the perestroika, the country is still facing profound changes in its nation-building, with growing interactions between the state organs and several segments of the society. In her presentation, Marlene Laruelle discussed the ongoing evolutions of Kazakhstan’s nationhood and sociological changes pushing for a more Kazakhness-centered agenda.

The video is available online.