Louisa is a transplant native from Alexandria, Virginia, having lived there for the past 17 years after she was born in the state of Georgia and spent time living in Germany. In May of 2022, she graduated from Wake Forest University with a Bachelor’s in History and double minor in Russian and Politics & International Affairs. Her undergraduate research focused on the history of Eastern Europe during the Cold War, particularly Poland, culminating in an honors thesis exploring the political role of rock music in 1980’s Poland. During the summers between her undergraduate years, she interned at the International Student Management Office at the National Defense University in Washington, D.C. In addition to studying Russian, she is a native Polish speaker. While at Georgetown, she is interested in foreign policy, defense and national security in the region. She has two dogs – Jack and Hugo – and three horses – Grady, Lilly and Summertime – the latter with which she competes in show-jumping competitions across the Mid-Atlantic region.