Tuition Costs

A typical full-time MAERES student entering in Fall 2018 or later will take 6 courses, worth 18 credits, in each of the two years of the program. Full-time tuition in the MAERES program for the 2018-19 academic year will be $37,170, or $2,065 per credit hour. For more information, consult the Office of Billing and Payment Services and the financial information section of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.


Academic Merit Awards

CERES offers a number of full- and partial-tuition scholarships (waivers) to incoming MAERES students through funding from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. These awards are made for two years of full-time study on the basis of merit. To apply for these and all forms of merit-based aid through CERES, prospective students need only check the relevant box on their online application. The admissions committee considers aid applications as part of their deliberations. Successful applicants receive their aid awards simultaneously with their admissions offers. Depending on availability, additional aid may be awarded for the second academic year of the full-time program, and the Directors make decisions about those awards after receiving the spring semester grades in May.

Blavatnik Scholarships

Thanks to a generous donation by the Blavatnik Family Foundation of New York City, CERES offers two full-tuition scholarships to students enrolled in the MAERES program. All full-time students are eligible for the scholarship, and Blavatnik Scholars receive the awards for both years of the program. The application procedure and criteria for the Blavatnik Scholarships are the same as those for the CERES Academic Merit Awards.

Language Scholarships

MAERES students who need remedial language training before taking advanced-level language courses are eligible for language scholarships from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. The language scholarships enable students to receive additional language training without incurring extra tuition costs. Only current students may apply for a language scholarship. Please note that language scholarships cannot be used for language courses numbered over 350 (e.g., RUSS-355) or for courses taken outside Georgetown University.


CERES Fellowships

In addition to merit-based scholarships, CERES offers three to six CERES Fellowships (tuition waiver plus an hourly position) to MAERES students each year. CERES Fellowships typically entail working for the Center on research, communications, events, and administrative tasks for up to 15 hours per week. The procedure for applying for fellowships is the same as that for merit-based scholarships.

External Fellowships

CERES collects information on external fellowships, scholarships and internships that are relevant to Eurasian and East European studies. Click here for a list of such opportunities. The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences maintains a website on external funding opportunities available to graduate students. Click here for this site.

Summer Grants for Research, Internships, and Language Study

Each summer, CERES awards funding to current MAERES students for language study, research, and unpaid internships. Students apply for the grants in early spring.

Grants for Travel and Research

CERES provides conference travel grants of up to $500 for students to present at academic conferences. Additionally, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences maintains a website of smaller grants for graduate student research and conference travel.

Other Financial Aid

Other types of financial aid (loans, work study, etc.) are handled by the Office of Student Financial Services. Most of these forms of assistance require filing a FAFSA and other forms. (The FAFSA code for GU is 001445). To maximize the resources available to CERES students, all applicants for funding are strongly encouraged to submit these forms. For information about loans and other non merit-based sources of assistance, please visit the website of the Georgetown University Office of Student Financial Services.

Please consult our frequently asked questions if you have questions about admissions or financial aid.