The MAERES (formerly REES MA) curriculum is designed to take 4 semesters to complete. It requires:

  • 36 credit hours of course work, including two core courses (Introduction to Area Studies and the Capstone Seminar) and two advanced language courses; and
  • a presentation of the student’s research before CERES faculty and students prior to graduation.

Learning Goals

The CERES MA provides a solid grounding in the languages and cultures of the region and interdisciplinary depth in the social sciences. Students in the program will achieve:

  • knowledge of the region from broad disciplinary perspectives and using a variety of methodologies;
  • the ability to integrate theoretical with practical knowledge of regional affairs;
    a thematically focused-curriculum that develops expertise;
  • proficiency in at least one regional language;
  • original research utilizing the student’s language of proficiency; and
  • effective oral presentation and critical writing skills.


The M.A. curriculum is organized across five disciplines:

  • Anthropology-Sociology
  • Culture
  • Economics
  • Government
  • History

Together with the CERES directors, students plan a directed program of study that includes coursework in at least three of the five fields.

Students complete a total of twelve courses, including the two core seminars and two advanced language courses. The other eight courses are selected according to the student’s academic interests and the multidisciplinary requirement.

Here are course descriptions of MAERES courses from the Spring 2018 and Fall 2018 semesters. For the entire Georgetown University course catalog, go to

Language Requirements

Students are tested in reading and oral proficiency in a language of the region upon entry to the program and placed in the appropriate level of language classes. Completion of two courses at the advanced level is required for graduation, except for native speakers of a language of the region.

Georgetown offers Persian, Polish, Russian, Turkish and Ukrainian language courses that fulfill the advanced language study requirement (six credits). Other language study opportunities are available through the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area and through summer intensive language study programs in the US or abroad.

Public Presentation of Research

The Capstone Seminar requires that the student make a public presentation of the research project to CERES students and faculty.